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          Honors & AP Courses


          2019 - 2020

          英语 (先生。 schoeph) - All Honors & AP requests require a teacher recommendation to be completed. AP Literature & Composition requires the writing of an essay as specified by the department.

          精美艺术 (女士。卡皮托) - 所需要的所有艺术工作室和AP课程从教师的批准。需要用于风合奏,打击乐合奏,爵士乐和音乐会合唱试镜与指导的批准。 

          世界语言 (毫秒。 Carraher) - All Honors & AP placements will be determined by the department.

          数学 (先生。 finnell) - All Honors & AP placement will be determined by the department chair. A placement exam is required for AP Computer 科学 A.

          科学 (先生。麦金利) - All Honors & AP classes require department approval. Qualifying exams and enrollment in Honors Math are also required for Chemistry Honors, Advanced Honors Chemistry, and Physics Honors.

          社会科学 (先生。霍姆伯格) - 整体平均成绩点数确定的荣誉和AP社会科学课程的资格。

          对所有部门的完整类列表和课程要求,请参阅 选课指导。

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